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Production speed is always the answer

Grow Your earnings, Train them right

Imagine an increase of 46% in additional earnings utilizing your current assets within a matter of months. The following case is proof that achieving the impossible can be done. An automotive supplier’s challenge is managing a 50 percent increase in demand. A. Stout & Associates grows this supplier’s earnings using their current assets – no additional equipment and reducing the number of operators. 

The outcome:

  • Output of 20 pieces/hour increases to 60 pieces/hour.

  • Earnings increase of 46% on the additional 37,500 $10 parts. 

  • Creates an additional $172,500 annually.

This business rocketed from a 50th percentile performance at $200/hour to above the 90th percentile at $500/hour in the NAICS category 3363. Find out how we worked with the employees to achieve these production speeds without running any machines faster. After the operator was trained, he was challenged to make an additional improvement which resulted in an additional 20 pieces. That is 80 pieces per hour. He accomplished this in one day.

Changing the assembly for this product spanned two weeks to organize the area and seven weeks to train and qualify the operator. Changing the spot-welding fixture spanned four weeks. The entire improvement process was completed in under three months.


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