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How do you Know if a Business has Standard Work Processes in place?

“How do you know if a business has Standard Work Processes in place?”

Can you observe any operator in the business and write down the sequence of steps he or she executes to complete the work? Do the operators always perform the same sequence?

• If yes – there is a Standard Work Process.

• If no – there is no Standard Work Process.

If a series of steps is repeated in the same way each time, will the speed of production go up or down?

If the speed of production increases by using a repeatable, consistent process, will the number of defects go up or down?

Benefits of a Standard Work Process

Creating a Standard Work Process requires finding the fastest most robust process.

  • Earnings grow when the speed of production increases.

  • Defects decrease when a Standard Work Process is implemented.

  • Implementing Standard Work Processes enables an easier automation implementation and a more accurate ROI calculation.

Standard Work Processes are an important means for a business to maximize production speed (earnings) and eliminate product defects.

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