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How do You Perform a Rapid Improvement Event? - Part 1

Break the Rapid Improvement Event into 3 Phases.

Phase 1 - Create a Physical Layout and Implement the Layout by the team

Duration: One Week

Objective is to:

  • Increase your production per hour

  • Resulting in more earnings

  • Producing greater output

  • All with existing equipment and people while yielding the fastest ROI

Phase 2 -Train the Operators on the New Process

Duration: 2-4 Weeks All operators should be capable of performing the standard work for the new process within 2-4 weeks following the start of the new process.

  • At a consistent pace

Phase 3. Implement Managing the Daily Improvement

Duration: 4 Weeks

This requires the identification and resolution of any problems which cause downtime, defects, and lack of output. Most problems can be solved in 4 weeks following the start of the new process.

Leadership and the team members must be committed to following through on all three phases. People believe and champion what can be achieved when they begin to see the positive results. A.Stout & Associates helps businesses achieve breakthrough victories.

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