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How to Manage Gifts from Vendors?

How does your company “MANAGE GIFTS FROM VENDORS”?

Vendors often provide gifts to business employees involved in making vendor selections as a thank you or sales promotion. Do these gifts have a positive or negative effect on the team members? Do these gifts help the team members solve the business’s underlying problem?

On the surface, it may not seem significant when supervisors in a business with a high employee turnover rate receive beer from the rep of a temporary staffing agency. Or when the IT department employees receive paid admissions from a third-party consulting firm to attend a training seminar for a new IT program deemed necessary to maintain industry capabilities.

Teamwork is more than just setting and achieving the teams’ goals. Developing teamwork may include managing distractions to the team, like vendor gifts and influencers.

One business’s solution is to place all the vendors’ gifts into a lottery where all employees can voluntarily enter their names into a drawing for the gift of their choice.

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