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Perform a Rapid Improvement Event -Part 2-Phase 1 - Create a Physical Layout and Implement the Plan

Phase 1 - Create a Physical Layout and Implement the Plan

  1. Create a plan for a physical layout

  2. Bring multiple tasks together. COMBINE tasks so operator and machine can work simultaneously.

  3. Touch the part only once.

  4. Fit the work to the operator so the operator can sustain the work.

  5. Pick one process familiar to the team and DEMONSTRATE the teams’ improvement suggestions are faster.

  6. Simulate the new process and compare the time between the new and old process. THE RESULTS SELL THE IDEAS.

  7. Implement the physical changes

  8. Most physical changes can be completed by the team. Roll up your sleeves and “get ‘er done”. Action over analysis.

  9. Production must continue to run.

The team knows what needs to be done and must guide others to provide what must be done. The objective is always to increase the sales$/workhour with the faster ROI.

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