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Perform a Rapid Improvement Event - Part 3-Phase 2 - Train the Supervisors to Train the Operators

Phase 2 - Train the Supervisor to TRAIN THE OPERATORS

  1. Develop the sequence of all the steps which the operators must perform for the process. From that, create the standard work sequence for the new layout.

  2. The supervisor must practice the tasks and refine the sequence.

  3. The supervisor must be studied for consistency and output for 10 consecutive cycles.

  4. Train each operator in the standard work sequence.

  5. The operator must practice the steps and suggest improvements.

  6. The operator must be studied for consistency and output for 10 consecutive cycles.

  7. The sequence of tasks that the team finalizes into the Standard Work steps, is the sequence that takes the least time.

  8. Test each operator’s ability to execute the standard work tasks in the allotted time.

  9. This process should start as soon as the new layout is implemented. Each operator should be able to achieve the standard work sequence within 2-4 weeks.

Manually controlled processes are about 50% efficient. An incentivized rate for properly developed, manual, standard work may be appropriate.

Businesses typically promote their best producers to be supervisors. These supervisors MUST train operators to produce to the Standard Work Sequence to achieve the fastest time. Businesses should not assume the transfer of skill will occur without a detailed plan for training and learning the Standard Work Sequence.

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