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Perform a Rapid Improvement Event - Part 4-Phase 3 - Managing Daily Improvement

Phase 3 - Managing Daily Improvement - for any process, manual or automatic

  1. Record the defects and downtime and the causes of each, plus the output - every hour.

  2. Your standard work must be already implemented.

  3. Reporting these items in real time increases the awareness of the problem to the operator.

  4. The focus is on solving the problems.

  5. Analyze the cause of defects and downtime and solve the largest problems first.

  6. Smaller problems frequently disappear when the larger problems are resolved.

  7. The hour-by-hour charts should be started as soon as the new layout is completed and the operators start the standard work.

  8. Most of the problems can be solved in 4 weeks after beginning this process.

  9. If the problem is not reduced by 50%, the team needs to rework the solution for this problem.

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