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Picking and Performing the Right Improvement Project

It does not matter how fast the fastest machine is going; it matters how slow the slowest is going. Find the slowest machine or process and make it faster. Greater earnings are achieved when processes, machines, and people are in sync and delays are removed, resulting in more products being produced with the same resources.

If a business is different and has multiple product lines, then where do you look for opportunities? Red flags might be consistently large backlogs, or an abundance of workers assigned to one task.

What business leadership is really looking for is the project with the greatest ROI. The greatest ROI comes from increasing the speed of production.

  • It is not about the materials. You will find substitutes or another way.

  • It is not about a better schedule. You will catch up.

  • It is not about a better system. You are just moving things around.

  • It is not about a better plant manager, or sales department.

It might be about cash!

So, the faster you implement the project with the best ROI the faster the cash flow improves. If the project you identify gives you the best ROI, why not focus solely on completing that improvement project first. Finishing one project is better than starting twelve(12). Let us help you identify where you will find your greatest ROI.

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