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Three Questions Used to Evaluate Employees

Three Questions Used to Evaluate Employees

  1. “Do they get it?” refers to the employee understanding his/her organizational role?

  2. “Do they want it?” refers to the employee’s desire to do his/her role?

  3. “Can they, do it?” refers to the employee having the physical, mental, and emotional capacity to accomplish his/her role?

You cannot grow an organization with people who are not totally committed. Everyone must pull in the same direction. The answers must be “yes” on all three questions for each employee.

The three questions are simple and do not require precise definitions. The answers for the three questions will let you know if that individual is going to be successful in your business.

Eighteen months is a common timeframe for businesses to remove an employee who is not supporting the company goals, or you answer “no” to one of these three questions. It is critical for the success and growth of the business to employ people who you can answer “yes” to all three questions.

Dennis Backhaus implemented the EOS, Entrepreneurial Operating System, on his company. Today he coaches other businesses. Contact Dennis to ask how EOS helped his business.

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