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What do you See When You Tour a Plant?


The first thing I see is the people. How many are there? Where are they in the plant? Are they grouped or separate? What are they doing? Are their hand movements small, smooth, and consistent? How are they moving their bodies? Are they starting and finishing a product? How many different processes are they controlling? How are they interacting?

Is the plant organized or dis-organized?

Ask how many operators there are for any one task like welding, then notice how many arcs are flashing. This indicates how efficient the plant is and the opportunity for improvement.

If you are purchasing a business, a plant tour reveals a lot about the business. The people create the value.

For those who are interviewing for a new position tour the plant where you will be working before you accept the job. Watch the people.

Contact A. Stout & Associates if you would be interested in an assessment of your business’s potential or that of a possible acquisition.

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