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What's the business really worth? How fast can you grow a new acquisition's EBITDA?

Most experienced investors can miss what a company can actually be worth.

You’re ready to make a move on an acquisition opportunity. You bring in your best brains and perhaps hire outside consultants specializing in the industry. You coordinate with your tax and accounting experts. You get a thorough evaluation of financials. You have the detailed assessment, right?

Or flip it: You’re ready to sell and you’re evaluating your own value. What’s a fair price? Can you increase your value before the sale for a better payday?

Even the most experienced investors can miss what a company can actually be worth because they’re forgetting a critical variable that can unlock more value: maximizing production speed. Greater productivity and speed grow earnings, and it can be done without ever sacrificing quality. Many focus only on cost-cutting and miss the bigger picture. Reduced costs should be a positive byproduct, not the end goal when seeking earnings quickly.

When I work with clients, I calculate and compare the unlimited benefit from increasing speed to the much smaller and limited benefit of reducing costs. With this, I can provide a guaranteed minimum by which production can be increased, and they run the numbers from there to project growth in earnings.

Maximizing production speed is the real key to maximizing earnings and value in the shortest time – months, not years.

Can your speed be significantly increased, or can’t it? I spend my life answering that question for others. Contact me to learn more about growing EBITDA in a new acquisition or maximizing value before you sell.

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