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Who do we Promote to Supervisor?

Who WHO DO WE PROMOTE TO SUPERVISOR, and Why do you know this candidate for Supervisor will be successful?

To answer this question, we need to know what is a supervisor’s responsibility? The responsibility of supervision is to train the operators to continually increase the output. Candidates-for-promotion are individuals who have demonstrated they can train others to continuously improve output.

We can test the ability of a candidate-for-promotion by removing the candidate from his/her home department and measure the department’s performance for three subsequent months . If the home department improves each month, the candidate has earned his/her promotion. In other words, the candidate-for-promotion trained the operators to continuously improve their production output.

STANDARD WORK and MANAGING DAILY IMPROVEMENT create the structure for a culture of improvement for everyone. Hopefully, all of us have experienced someone who has connected with us and encouraged us to see the possibilities and to achieve them. It is exciting to walk into a plant and witness a supervisor helping an operator be more successful!

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