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Keith Weller 
Systems Engineer at Flex Automation
Greater Milwaukee Area


Art and I worked closely together on a project to automate the production of engine mounts. Our company, Flex Automation, was brought in by Art to help improve output, reduce defects, and increase profitability. 

The project was an overwhelming success, in no small part to the guidance that Art gave us in the project. In working with Art, I found him to be very detail-oriented, practical, and able to quickly distill down problems to their essentials. He had a keen insight and understanding of the manufacturing process in the project, and was able to make critical suggestions for improving the process. In addition, I found Art to be an absolute pleasure to work with, and would highly recommend him for anyone looking to improve their manufacturing processes.


Phil Ruehl 
Mechanical or Industrial Engineering Professional


Art and I worked together at A.O. Smith -- Automotive Products Co for many years. We were mutually involved in many projects.

What stood out to me, and which I would especially like to recommend, is Art's character -- his sense of doing the right thing. Art was always positive and dependable and up-beat. But beyond that, for example, when one of our colleagues became totally incapacitated, Art took it upon himself to coordinate volunteer work parties at his home -- several times. In the long haul such attitude and true team spirit radiates to those around him, and brings out the best in others -- it compounds. It enhances the over-all out-come


Philip Gould 
Manager Sales and Marketing at ER Wagner Manufacturing
Grafton, Wisconsin


Art is a creative hands-on individual that is excellent at leading change and improvement activities. He has strong business acumen, particularly in manufacturing. His work with our Senior Leadership team as well as our engineers and general labor force helped achieve significant improvements and cost savings. 
Art personally helped ER Wagner layout out our new facility. Before moving into it, Art led conducted training at all levels of the company. His team based Kaizens helped integrate robotic solutions, poka-yoke several manufacturing processes, increasing throughput in bottleneck areas, reducing inventories and creating an inspiring environment that no longer feared change and now embraces it. 
His influence on our company has helped ER Wagner take on larger projects and increase their profitability. Under his guidance, our company landed and launched the two largest programs in the company’s history. Another great thing about Art is he is a strong believer in teaching the people at all levels of the company so they develop the skills and discipline to sustain and continue improvement. 


Lew Schildkraut 
Chief Financial Officer at MGC Diagnostics
Germantown, Wisconsin


Art is the best manufacturing problem solver that I have worked with in my career. Art has the ability to observe the production flow, identify the obstacles and to expeditiously upgrade the process in order to improve setup time, productivity, automation, quality, safety and costs in order to favorably impact the outcome of the business. 

Art possesses the ability to quickly identify the goal and develop a plan and process to achieve a positive outcome in a timely manner. He is resourceful and knowledgeable about a variety of processes and their capabilities including automation utilizing robotic solutions. He excels in creating impactful solutions where others have not been successful before.
Art is unique in that he has a strong business acumen including cost accounting, and developing relationships with management, employees, vendors, and customers. Art is also outstanding in his ability to engage, train and improve employees at all levels of the organization to complement his exceptional manufacturing and engineering background and overall versatility on the shop floor.

In addition to Art’s skills documented above, he is just an excellent person that favorably impacts businesses with his honesty, dedication, enthusiasm and positive influence on a business, its environment, and profitability.


Jerry Voors 
President at Arrow Companies, LLC Sewing/Craft Furniture, Warehousing/Internet Order Fulfillment
Greater Milwaukee Area


Art is a great manager, incredibly detail-oriented a good communicator, and excellent at personal interaction. 
Over the past 14 years, I have had the opportunity to work closely with Art on a wide range of design and construction projects involving a variety of professional skill sets. Of the hundreds of people involved during this time, Art stands out for not just expertise, but attitude, ethics, and common sense. I would highly recommend Art for his knowledge, communication skills, patience, and focus on outcome and success.


Gerard M. Cudzewicz 
Operations and Production Management
Greater Milwaukee Area


It was my pleasure to work for Art at Blue M Electric. Art was determined and focused to achieve the production goals while keeping in touch with the human side of the organization. Art was always concerned about the well being of the employees and their families. A rare quality for any organization to find.


Carl Dubois 
VP International Manufacturing
Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul Area

Art and I served concurrently at the Lindberg/Blue M operation for a relatively short period of time during which his contributions were widely recognized and rewarded. He managed several engineers and was instrumental in mitigating several production bottlenecks by facilitating outsourcing and optimizing captive capacity. 
His calm demeanor and approach to problem-solving were key in establishing pull manufacturing for final assembly of a major product line, in a high mix/low volume production mode with a lot size of one, resulting in dramatic lead time reductions despite demand volatility. Art also led the manufacturing portions of a highly compressed new product development initiative in pursuit of a design win for a key semiconductor device OEM account. 
I was impressed by Art's competence, passion for continuous improvement and personal integrity. He is highly effective in getting things done and draws upon a wide variety of manufacturing experiences.


Drew Algase

Certified Value Specialist®
Plymouth, Michigan


I was privileged to work with Art at FNGP. Art successfully led a lean transformation at his plant. He has demonstrated the ability to apply lean and problem-solving techniques to continually improve a manufacturing operation. A fine Lean Leader.

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